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Jeff Dotson

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Hi Goalies!

I'm Jeff Dotson, The Virtual Goalie Coach. I'm a first generation hockey player who was born in Hawaii, raised in Minnesota, trained in Toronto by Russian coaches. I have been a goalie for more than 35 years and I am still learning, playing, and getting humbled by hockey today. 

My hockey story goes something like this...

From mites- I started as a C player, moved to a B player, then to an A player

In Squirts moved from a B player, to an A player

Pewee's B player to A player (Captain)

Bantam's B player to A player (Captain)

High School JV player, to Varsity Player (Captain)

Juniors from USHL walk on, to a Ron Woody Award Winner

College from walk on to Starting Captain.

To NCAA All-American

To NCAA Conference Player of the Year

To NCAA National Runner-up Player of the year

To Professional Goaltender

To NCAA Collegiate Hall of Fame Athlete

Now I'm a "coach." I say "coach" because I really think of myself more as a player. I'm a "student"...I'm still learning, and always will be.  I don't have all the answers... Obviously. Or I would have been an "A" goalie my whole life... All I know, is how and when to work and this is why I created The Virtual Goalie Coach

The most important lesson I have learned over the last 35 years of goaltending is this; (Goalie's I'm talking to you...) Respect the speed of the game.  To be an elite goalie, you have to work harder and smarter than your opponent... Elite Hockey players are creative, dynamic and explosive and athletes who can't be taken lightly. Respect them and the speed of the game, or get humbled. It's that simple.  Hockey players can be vicious in their attacks.  Prepare for an battle.  Hockey is the fastest game on earth and is why we need to work. 

It's why I created The Virtual Goalie Coach;

to guide you,

remind you,

and to nudge you

to outwork our competition. 

Each and Every Practice.

Let's work goalies. 

The Virtual Goalie Coach

Jeff Dotson



  • Director of Goaltending - Milwaukee Jr Admirals AAA Hockey Club

  • NCAA Hall of Fame Athlete (University of Wisconsin - Stout) 

  • NCAA National Player of the Year Finalist

  • NCHA Player of the Year

  • NCAA 1st Team All-American

  • USHL

  • CHL

  • ECHL 

  • AHL - EBUG

  • Beer League Champ! =)

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