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Hockey Goalie Coach

in-net coaching guide for Ice Hockey Goaltenders.



The Virtual Goalie Coach Skating Drills will guide you to improve your game by providing you goalie specific skating drills to do at practice. Practice your T - Pushes, Shuffles, Pivots, and Pops and enhance your goalie-specific skating ability. Become a faster and more dynamic goaltender by incorporating these goalie specific skating patterns into each drill, at each and every practice.  



The Virtual Goalie Coach Save Drills will nudge you to improve your game by giving you save drills to execute at practice. Practice your Butterflies, Slides, Post Leans, and Recoveries until they become automatic. Develop a solid and more consistent save foundation by incorporating these save movements into each drill, at each and every practice.



The Virtual Goalie Coach Strength Drills will remind you to improve your game by showing you strength drills to do at practice. Become a stronger and more balanced goaltender by Incorporating these martial arts inspired strength and balance drills at each and every practice. 

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