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The Virtual Goalie Coach

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Skating is the cornerstone to goaltending. Elite goaltending is having balance in awkward positions. In VGC on-ice training we practice many skating, saves, and strength drills to better in the net. Don't waste time in the net. Practice all save positions and develop a solid foundation. This game will come at you viciously and you will need to protect yourself and the net. It's important that you develop the strength to hold off these attacks. As goalies we never know when we will get a break in the game. So we need to always be ready. Fatigue makes cowards out of all of us.Even if its a 5 min, 5 on 3... You need to be ready to stop the puck. The VGC will help you develop your speed, strength, and stamina by reminding, guiding you, and nudging you to work when no one is looking. VGC training in a nutshell is about outworking your opponents. Its about executing goalie specific drills with speed, power, and purpose. It's aggressive, demanding, exhausting. It's about Preperation, Visualization, and Execution. Push yourself outside your comfort zone to become a faster, stronger, and more powerful goaltender today!

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