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Updated: Sep 27, 2022

To inspire goalies to become their best.

I worked with Vladislav for more than 15 years. I can tell you. He changed my life. His work ethic, creativity and dedication to goaltending inspired me from the get go. But was it really Vladislav himself who inspired me? or was it lessons he learned from "his" teacher Anatoli Tarasov? The older I get, the more I think it was lessons imprinted on Tretiak (work ethic, creativity, and dedication) from the soul of Anatoli Tarazov. To be creative in my training and to never stop learning. Tarasov was the architect of the Russian style of play that would eventually take down hockey's greatest powerhouse. The Canadians. Without Tarazov, who was Tretiak? Only Vladislav could answer that. I would imagine he would reflect of Tarasov as a blessing who helped him achieve Greatness.

I believe we are all connected and we are here to help each other aspire to be our best. We can learn from each other. You just have to have an open mind. Sometimes you learn what to do.... Sometimes were learn WHAT NOT to do... The point is to keep learning so you can pass down your knowledge.

I once thought it was MY destiny to WIN The Cup. How selfish. lol. Now I feel it's was my destiny to devote my entire life's work to becoming a better goaltender for the soul reason to help YOU win The Cup... or to be your best. This is what I'm trying to be. An innovator. Trying my hardest to becoming the best goalie I can be, so i can help you become the best goalie YOU can be. It's how we are connected. To learn from each other.

Keep working goalies!

The Virtual Goalie Coach

Jeff Dotson

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