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does this make me a better goalie?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

I have 35+ years of playing this position, and I'm still working on it. I don't know it all. I'm still learning. All i do is ask myself...How does this make me a better goalie? If i can rationalize it... I do it. Sometimes its as simple as... I need to stay flexible, but its a rest day and i need to find active rest... So i choose to garden. Gardening makes me a better goalie by challenging my flexibility. If its Dance, Tai chi, yoga, pilaties, or MMA training, mediating, reading, ice baths, float tanks, whatever. I don't care...if it makes me a better athlete, a better goaltender... i'll do it.

I'm just trying to get better and learn from who is in front of me. You will see me doing many things that at first glance, you will ask yourself..."How does this make me a better goalie?" How does Boxing help a goalie? Other than goaltending...What sport requires you to have the fastest, and most explosive hands? Boxing. I train boxing to improve goaltending. It's a battle in there... Learn to protect yourself, and your net.

All i'm asking you is to do this. Find the weakness in your game, and work to find the sport that can help you with the weakness. Need help with your footwork? Ever thought of incorporating dance, soccer, or basketball into your training? Dance is a great way to work on your footwork. Plus it's fun, and at some point in your life someone might be ask you..."Why aren't you dancing?" ; -) Now you have an excuse to learn. Lock yourself in a room, put on your favorite music, and practice some dance moves. Learn the griddy, or the running man, the reject, the salsa, mamba, waltz? idk, idc... whatever. Learn how to move more efficiently and you will be a better goalie. Do you have the courage to think outside the box if it means you will improve?

Be Creative, and be yourself. The best goalies were uniquely themselves... They aren't copying others. But they do use techniques that worked well from others before them... The best are able to digest that, incorporate it into their "own" game. Look at Dominik Hasek... One of the most unorthadox goaltenders ever, and undoubtedly one of the greatest to ever play the game. All goalies have a slightly different style that works for them... Learn from them and apply it to your game.

I used to love to try to "emulate" all these goalies styles. Its a good practice to see what works for you. You will find. Some of it works. Some of it doesn't. Then suddenly, you will find what style is uniquely yours. Never stop learning. and never stop working. Keep going goaltenders.

The Virtual Goalie Coach

Jeff Dotson

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