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Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Why am I doing this? The answer is quotations to inspire action on your part my goal wants to become the bus. The greatest goaltender to have ever lived. That was my goal. To hoist the Stanley Cup. To have my name engraved on it. I worked extremely hard and came close but yet so far away. But not really. Because you see I thought my goal was for me. For my name to be on the Stanley Cup. But as I see it now it’s actually for your name to be in the Stanley Cup and it’s just I helped you get there. Life is funny and as I get older I get better at it. But what I do understand is we are all connected. And just because I thought my goal at a young age was to hoist the Stanley Cup, and I put in all the work and time in pain blood and tears in my life‘s work. And didn’t make that go happen. It’s still gave me a tremendous amount of knowledge of how to train the human body and how to train for quickness speed perception and dominance. I mean I’m a Hall of Fame goaltender. I remember in college some of the players on my team would get upset at the end of practice when we do our grinders. Because I would beat them. And after the fifth or six set when everybody else wanted to puke from the night of drinking the night before I would take pleasure in reading them. Because I didn’t feel that they have the same goal. And that’s OK why should there? But I can look back and say now are you really do need to get good grades because sometimes opportunities pass it quickly. I was your prototypical story of poor grades making me lose an enormous opportunity in my life. Doug would the coach of the Minnesota Golden gophers division one team was looking at me when I was playing in the US HL for the Twin City Falcons. And he looked at my grades and said there’s no way. He said I wasn’t a stupid kid or anything, I just had my own issues I was going through at a young age. Will just say my father doesn’t know what offsides is and leave it at that. And I am in the Hall of Fame. You see I didn’t have that mail guidance that I so needed.

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