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Updated: Jan 7, 2021


Hi goalies like to introduce myself in the hopes that this will be the first of many conversations about goaltending that we have. My name is Jeff Dotson in my life and short has been devoted to hockey. Born in Hawaii quotations from military parents, and move to Minnesota at a young age and begin skating at the age of four. Fast forward 20 years and as I look back I think I’m proud of my hockey career. I played in the USHL, top division three leagues in the country,AHL (backed up. E goalie - none the less), ECHL, the CHL, have trained with the worlds greatest school tenders flattest love tread shack. And was recently inducted into the University of Wisconsin Stokes Hall of Fame. I’ve always had big dreams my dream was to hoist the cup like a lot of other young hockey players I didn’t achieve that dream, but I believe it’s because I didn’t have the right dream. I decided to open my life to the world to give back a little. I’m not a Instagram guy or a Facebook guy I’m more of an introvert Who has been obsessed with training for the past 30 years. You will see me do some flat out ridiculous ridiculous drills but I’m convinced that they all have meaning. I’ve learned a lot from working with lotta slab tread shack and what I now understand is he learned a lot from working with Anatole Tarasoff. This is how well we are connected. Everything I show you isn’t coming straight from me. It’s bits and pieces of all my coaches who have taught me various skills and now it’s my goal and mission to give back to the young goaltenders. I’m convinced at the harder you work the farther you go. I believe that if you continue to work you can be the best I believe in greatness. I believe in dreams. I believe in being an innovator. So why should I work so hard? Why not! Follow me on my daily routine and it will help your game. Every day of the week I will be giving you some thing. Something to help you improve your game and your life. I don’t have all the answers, and I’m searching for my own inner peace, but I feel I will get more inner peace by giving back to you. I do these activeActivities on a daily basis anyways so it’s really nothing new to share. Return return

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